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Bernadette K. Ndabikunze

Bernadette K. Ndabikunze

Member, Board of Trustees


Bernadette K. Ndabikunze is an associate professor at the Department of Food Technology, Nutrition, and Consumer Sciences. She graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania with a degree in Agriculture in 1982, and holds an MSc and PhD in Food Science from the University of Helsinki in Finland (1985) and the Agricultural University of Norway (2001), respectively. Besides giving lectures and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate student research studies in food hygiene, product development, food analysis, sensory evaluation of foodstuff, and food packaging, she has a wide practical experience in all aspects of food hygiene, processing and nutrition, product development, and small and medium food processor training.

Dr. Ndabikunze is a member of the National Consumer Advocacy Council in Tanzania. She was also a board member of the Morogoro Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (MORUWASA) for three years (2010-13). She chairs the technical committee of sensory evaluation at the Tanzania Bureau of Standards. She was an administrative coordinator for the Bureau for Agricultural Consultancy and Advisory Services at the Sokoine University of Agriculture  from 2006 to 2017.  She is an active member of several professional societies and organizations in her area of interest. Besides academics, Dr. Ndabikunze is also director of Mgolole Agro-Processing Company Ltd., a family-owned agribusiness company with headquarters in Morogoro.

She has written two book chapters and has published several papers in refereed international journals in the fields of food science, food security, food processing and nutrition, and food product development issues. She has also participated in many international conferences and summits and has served for several international, regional, and local consultancies in her areas of competence.

Dr. Ndabikunze played an active role in the CGIAR Gender and Diversity Program on African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) from 2008 to 2010, from which she gained recognition for her dedication and commitment to excellence in mentoring.