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Jean Balié

Jean Balié

Acting Director for Research (External Engagement) and Platform Leader - Agrifood Policy


As the head of the Agri-Food Policy Platform at IRRI, Jean Balié oversees the institute’s work in four main areas: market and value chain analysis, foresight for marketing policy analysis, monitoring evaluation and learning, and spatial analysis for agri-food system transformation. With a 20-year career in developing policies for agriculture, food, and rural development, Jean's experience makes him a great addition to the organization where he is tasked with promoting strong relationships among the institute’s scientists and its current partner organizations. At the same time, he will build new alliances with potential partners and investors.

For the past eight years, Jean worked with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations as a Senior Economist, Team Leader and Program Manager, which provided him with valuable experience in leadership, resource management and mobilization, and high-level engagements in both public and private sectors.