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Michael Bartlett

Michael Bartlett

Director for Operations


Michael Bartlett joined IRRI as Director of Operations in November 2016. His diverse responsibilities include the administration of all IRRI offices across regions, and providing support in the following areas:

  • Infrastructural development
  • Risk management and quality assurance
  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Supply chain services
  • Staff housing
  • Safety, security, and emergency services
  • Medical and schooling facilities
  • Information knowledge systems and IT

Before joining IRRI, Michael spent 15 years as an agribusiness executive in the Asian, African and Australian regions. He served as director in different companies that deal with mining, energy and drilling, and large scale commercial agribusinesses. He also acted as Chair of the Yunnan Foreign Horticulture and Trade Association in China and the Mt Kenya Growers Group, and was a member of the Prime Minister’s Select Committee on Public Private Partnerships in Mauritius. These experiences built his expertise in establishing and executing Greenfield projects, market development, strategic management, due diligence, corporate governance and company restructuring.

Mick holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business, and post graduate certificates for Accounting and Control Management and International Executive Management from INSEAD Business Schools in France and Singapore.