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Romeo Recide

Romeo Recide

IRRI Philippines Representative & Secretary to the Board


As the IRRI Philippines Representative and Secretary to the Board, Romeo Recide engages with the Government of the Philippines,  the University of the Philippines system, research agencies, and civil society organizations to raiseIRRI’s profile in the country. He also provides counsel on IRRI’s country-specific projects.  

Mr. Recide possesses the vision, drive, and insight gained from over 25 years of experience working in national and international agencies. He helped shape the agricultural policy in the Philippines through evidence-based recommendations and proposed legislation to improve agricultural efficiency and well-being among rural populations. His work with the Philippine Government and international agencies in the region has enabled him to forge partnerships with a variety of sectors and exposed him to a wide local and international network.

His distinguished career includes serving as a member of the global Steering Committee of the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Global Executive Board for Global Strategies for Improving Rural and Agricultural Statistics.  Mr. Recide was also appointed as the leader of the Senior Officials Meeting of the ASEAN Ministers on Agriculture and Forestry, the focal person of the ASEAN Food SecurityInformation System in Bangkok, and the Deputy National Statistician for the Sectoral Statistics Office of the Philippine Statistics Authority, among others.