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Demonstration Park

The IRRI Demonstration Park is an outdoor research and exhibition area, with activities designed for visitors to see the varieties, technologies, devices and tools developed by IRRI to improve the sustainability of rice farming. Visitors are encouraged to try handling small-scale, locally adapted machinery. 


Examples of the type of equipment, devices, and rice varieties featured in the Demonstration Park include: agronomic drones, GIS tools, field calculator for SRP standards, Automon, stress tolerant rice varieties, IR8 and its parents, heirloom rice varieties and common released IRRI rice varieties. Increasing our stakeholders' interactions with these technologies gives us the opportunity to showcase ideas on interoperability and promote more efficient farm management systems. 

IRRI Outfield Post Tour

The Outfield Post Tour of IRRI's experiment stations is being offered for visitors to enjoy a first-hand view of IRRI's extensive infrastructure for all kinds of experiments on rice. Led by scientists and trained volunteers, this tour brings visitors to the lowland and upland farm plots where they will see how some of the fields are used for breeding research to improve rice yield, grain quality, resistance to pests and diseases, tolerance of environmental stresses, and to reduce crop requirements. 

Knowledge Showcases

IRRI gives utmost importance to continuous learning and improvement. For years, we have been conducting seminars in our headquarters to keep the IRRI community abreast of our latest research breakthroughs. For the first time, we’re extending access to these seminars publicly, so that you may listen in, wherever you are in the globe.

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