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Agri-Food Policy

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Agri-Food Policy

The Agri-Food Policy Platform enables IRRI to help improve the lives of millions of people who depend on rice based agri-food systems by catalyzing institutional innovations in government policy and the private sector, and by developing roadmaps for agri-food system transformation towards more economic, social, and environmental


Key research areas

Foresighting and policy analysis 

Develop enhanced evidence on the futures of the rice economy and structural changes in
market trends for better policy anticipation and advice on trade-offs between policy options.

Market and value chain analysis 

Understand the key drivers of change in diversified rice based Agri-food systems from
consumers to producers in order to achieve food and nutrition security, more sustainable
resources use as well as accelerated and inclusive income creation.

Monitoring, impact evaluation, and learning 

Conduct monitoring, evaluation, and learning about the economic, social, and environmental impacts of IRRI’s research across disciplines, programs and geographies to document and accumulate knowledge and know-how about successful impact pathways, identify areas of excellence, and develop good practices.

Spatial economic and policy analysis

Capture the spatial dimensions of transforming rice based Agri-food systems at various scales and analyze the distributional implications on welfare across territories and socio-economic groups of stakeholders for evidence based policy action at decentralized as well as centralized levels.