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Strategic Innovation

Research Platform

Strategic Innovation

The Strategic Innovation Platform will lead the way in advanced upstream rice science by feeding the breeding pipeline through developing and standardizing new technologies and practices that will create a more productive, secure, and sustainable rice sector.


Key Research Areas


Implements and evaluates new design, and analysis approaches for genes, genomes, and populations, to generate, curate and use various in house and public databases for greater breeding efficiency.

Future-ready genetic resources

Ensures the long-term preservation, continued amplification and systematic use of rice biodiversity to add value to breeding for a food and nutrition secure future.

Applied functional genomics

Generates, analyzes and studies the omics (genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, phenome, etc.) data to advance molecular and mechanistic understanding of organismal responses, innate and external, for increased crop productivity, quality, and resilience.

System physiology

Explores the underpinning physiological and molecular mechanisms for improved understanding and performance of the rice plant.

Trait and genome engineering

Develops and uses genetic engineering tools and technologies for gene and genome modification or editing for validation of genes and traits, and for product development.