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Alexis Ndayiragije

Alexis Ndayiragije

Country Representative for Mozambique


Alexis leads all aspects of IRRI’s breeding work in East and Southern Africa (ESA).

In close collaboration with other IRRI breeders, molecular breeders, pathologists, physiologists, and national partners, Alexis develops new products for lowland rice ecologies and their major market segments in East and Southern Africa. This includes excellent grain quality and tolerance to major stresses such as drought, bacterial leaf blight, blast, and cold.

Alexis also helps organize the Annual Rice Breeders Workshop for IRRI – East and Southern Africa, which he previously attended as a participant. He sees the biggest challenge for rice breeding in Africa is successfully combining high quality traits with favorable agronomic traits that ensure high yields and grain quality.

He is also responsible for managing the IRRI office and overseeing other projects such as PROIRRI in Mozambique.