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Hasil Sembiring

Hasil Sembiring

Liaison Scientist - Indonesia


Under the supervision of the IRRI Regional Representative for Southeast Asia, Hasil leads the implementation of the Indonesia-IRRI work plan 2020-2024. He liaises on IRRI’s behalf to increase the institute’s profile and impact in Indonesia, and strengthen relations with the government of Indonesia, national partners, and donor agencies. He also provides leadership and managerial support to IRRI activities in the country and seeks out new opportunities for expanding IRRI’s research and development. He does this through proactive mobilization of resources and strengthening of links with IRRI headquarters, taking forward the institute’s long-term vision and contributions to the Indonesian agricultural sector.

Hasil built his notable career to become among the leading Indonesian experts on soil sciences and food crop management through decades-worth of experience with rice production, agricultural research, and dissemination management.

Before joining IRRI, he was the Director General of Food Crops at the Ministry of Agriculture of Indonesia. Under the same institution, he also worked as Director of Cereal. Within the Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development, he was the Director of the Indonesian Center for Food Crops Research and Development, Director of Indonesian Center for Rice Research, and the head of the Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology of North Sumatra and West Nusa Tenggara.

Hasil is a scientist with a long list of published works. Among those he co-wrote are “Yield Gap Management under Seawater Intrusion Areas of Indonesia to Improve Rice Productivity and Resilience to Climate” (2020); “Yield of different rice cultivars at two levels of soil salinity under seawater intrusion in West Java, Indonesia” (2020); and the paper “Nutrient Manager for Rice: A mobile phone and Internet application increases rice yield and profit in rice farming” which was presented at the International Rice Seminar in 2012.

Hasil holds a PhD in Soil Fertility from the Oklahoma State University, from which he also
received his MSc in Agronomy. He obtained his BSc in Soil Sciences from the Bogor Agriculture University and had trainings under the international program for development-oriented research in agriculture of ICRA, developing integrated nutrient management for delivery of IRRI, and farming systems approaches to upland conservation and watershed management in the tropics in the University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA.


  • Verification of Rice Crop Manager (LKP) to Improve the Efficiency of Fertilization
  • Productivity and Farmer Income Towards Precision Agriculture 4.0 (Indonesian)
  • Sustainable rice production in Indonesia