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Secure the future of rice

IRRI’s research is sustained by funding support from governments, philanthropic foundations, private sector, international agencies, and through the CGIAR. These entities enable and sustain IRRI’s work toward reducing poverty, hunger, and malnutrition. It is also through their continued support that we are able to promote sustainable rice production in the regions where we are present.

Your investment in IRRI’s research can help sustain the food, livelihood, and nutrition needs of rice-dependent populations. Be among our trusted global investors and partners.

Our Partners and Investors

IRRI would also like to thank all investors who supported our research through their contributions to the CGIAR Trust Fund.


IRRI is proud to partner with hundreds of organizations from across the world spanning international development and research agencies, government and national research and extension systems, academic institutions, civil society and the private sector. This network means that our research excellence reaches people who need it the most.

Without our investors and partners, IRRI could make limited headway. These are the conduits that expand IRRI’s impact in  the world and make our shared mission possible.