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East Asia

IRRI's work doesn't end where we have physical offices. Through the years, we have nurtured strategic partnerships, and carried out joint research for development projects with our partners from equally rice-centric countries. 

Through joint laboratories and projects, IRRI's liaison scientists and representatives are able to work seamlessly with scientists from partner institutions in these areas.

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IRRI's engagement with China helped the country become a world leader in hybrid rice, which can yield 15-20% more than other rice. In the late 1970s, China was the first country to successfully produce hybrid rice for temperate-climate agriculture. China is now the largest adopter of hybrid rice. Read more 

South Korea

Key research areas in the IRRI-RDA collaboration include developing cold-tolerant rice lines, rapid multiplication of seeds, exchanging rice genetic materials for large-scale planting, and developing high-quality and high-yielding temperate japonica rice lines. Read more