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IRRI Education

Courses for everyone in the agricultural sector

IRRI Education’s mission is to provide knowledge and skills 
to everyone in the agricultural sector. We work closely with organizations to customize existing courses, or create new courses, that best serve their goals. 

IRRI Education’s unique course offerings

Grounding capacity development on new agricultural trends. 

  • We focus on hands-on learning. Participants are exposed to, are part of and learn within the reality of agricultural and scientific processes.

  • Participants not only learn, they build a network of fellow learners who are in their own employment addressing many of the same issues. Over a career this network will be as valuable as the learning itself.

  • Participants will meet and get to know world-leading scientists and practitioners in their field of interest.

Short Courses

Courses are separated into three types: Science, Technology Transfer, and Leadership.

In the following sections each type is outlined, with a description of the types of learner for whom the offerings may be applicable.

Do research under the guidance of experienced IRRI scientists

Every year IRRI hosts over 300 graduate and postgraduate students undertaking research in cooperation with IRRI scientists.

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