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IRRI Education

Empowering the Rice Sector through Education

IRRI Education offers diverse and global learning experiences to empower and impact all stakeholders in the rice-based agri-food sector. As IRRI’s educational arm, our programs are built on the institute’s robust research and innovations.


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Excellence in Education

Since 1962, IRRI has provided high-quality education and training to over 17,000 men and women from 126 countries around the world. This includes degree courses for undergraduate, graduate, doctorate, and fellowships, to non-degree short courses, on-the-job training, and internships. Many of our scholars have gone on to become leading scientists in their respective fields. 


Our Pillars

Our promise is to produce holistic and integrated learning solutions, addressing learning gaps and expectations with sound educational innovations.

Short Courses

Our Short Courses are immersive engagements focusing on innovations, skills, and knowledge around rice science and technologies. There are programs for young learners and seasoned professionals. We have hosted learning experiences to more than 17,000 scholars and trainees.

Scholars Program

We host graduate and postgraduate students undertaking research, where they work collaboratively with IRRI’s experts and scientists. Since 1960, we have hosted more than 4,800 scholars. Currently, we now host around 300 students annually. 

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Online Learning

We create accessible learning anywhere, anytime for the rice-based agri-food sector. Our “just-in-time” learning approach is learner-centered, expert-designed, and impact-driven.

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Knowledge Platforms

IRRI Education curates the Rice Knowledge Bank, IRRI’s knowledge database containing country-specific rice production techniques, agricultural technologies, and best farming practices. We also steward Rice Doctor, an app-based diagnostic tool that provides accurate diagnosis and management recommendations for crop problems.

  • Rice Knowledge Bank

     Rice Knowledge Bank

  • Rice Doctor

    Rice Doctor

Advisory around Capacity Development (CapDev)

We also deliver consultancy services to support organizations’ capacity development (CapDev) needs around rice-based agri-food systems. Using a systems approach, we co-create needs assessments, strategic plans, framework maps, appropriate CapDev interventions, and robust implementation, monitoring, and evaluation plans to address our stakeholders’ needs.

This initiative will facilitate tailor-fit interventions, helping to reach more beneficiaries, and creating a better impact. We aim to position ourselves to influence capacity development strategies around rice-based agri-food system capacity building interventions in countries around the globe.

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