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RiceWorld Revitalized!

As envisioned, the new RiceWorld will give you a dynamic and immersive IRRI experience. We are, however, rescheduling transformation and renovation efforts to 2021 as we navigate our way forward with the COVID-19 pandemic. Until then, we are delighted to give you a sneak peek of what you can look forward to.

RiceWorld: What to Expect

For over two decades until 2019, the IRRI Riceworld Museum and Learning Center was a popular destination for Los Baños visitors and residents. The primary focus of the museum was on rice growing cultures and farm practices, with farm implements from all over Southeast Asia forming a large part of the exhibits.

The new RiceWorld will be developed into a high quality, innovative visitor center that embodies and amplifies the science behind the transformation of rice production from seed to plate - the mark of IRRI’s innovations in the last 60 years. It will be a learning and experiential hub to inspire the next generation of rice and agricultural scientists, in particular, and to support science literacy, in general. The new RiceWorld aims to catalyze public interest and active engagement in rice-based food science, food security and the sustainability of the planet.

RiceWorld:  New Look, Improved Programs

RiceWorld will tell the story of rice with a fresh and inspiring emphasis on the transformative impact of rice science, whether one is a visiting dignitary, a policymaker, a farmer, an agripreneur, or a student.

The new physical space will be informative, collaborative and investigative, and at every opportunity, give emphasis to the innovation that IRRI’s research generates, redeveloping and revitalizing RiceWord from an ethnographic museum with conventional and fixed exhibits to a science-focused center, cognizant of the idea shifts in learning today.

Amongst its public programs, the new RiceWorld will offer curriculum-linked learning modules designed to make learning relevant to young people’s lives and experiences. Recognizing that students comprise a large part of our visitors, the engaging and digitally-blended programs integrate hands-on activities with indoor sessions and outdoor visits to experiment stations to provide opportunities for in-depth learning of rice research conducted by IRRI scientists.

For questions, please email 

Transport to and around IRRI Headquarters

We may require visitors to pay for their own transport costs to recover our own costs for providing this service. Payment for transport may be made at the Guesthouse or with the Residence Officer if staying in the Dormitories on campus.

Estimated costs are: 

  • Transport from airport to IRRI headquarters:

- Car US$80 (one-way)

- Van US$80 (one-way)

- Coaster US$110 (one-way)

  • Los Baños trip (car/van) US$59
  • Los Baños trip (coaster) US$66


We may require visitors to pay for their own accommodation costs to recover our own costs for providing this service. Accommodation payment may be made at the Guesthouse or with the Residence Officer if staying in the Dormitories on campus.

Payment may be made via credit card only at the Guesthouse, Suites, and Guestrooms. Only cash payment is accepted at the Cafeteria and IRRI Dining Room. Below are estimated costs:

(Rates are subject to change without prior notice)

IRRI Guesthouse

  • Single, US$65 / day
  • Double, US$85 / day

Dormitories - MSSwaminathan Suites

  • Single, US$55 / night
  • Double US$60 / night

Dormitories - Regular Guestrooms

  • Single, US$24 / night
  • Double, US $32 / night 


Guesthouse (Buffet)

  • Breakfast, US$6
  • Lunch, US$10
  • Dinner, US$12

IRRI Dining Room (Buffet)

  • Breakfast, PHP250
  • Lunch, PHP350
  • Dinner, PHP350


  • Breakfast, US$1
  • Lunch, US$2
  • Dinner, US$2

Visa requirements

When travelling to IRRI HQ, you need a valid passport (at least 6 months validity) with Philippine visa stamped on it. While nationals from numerous countries are allowed to enter the Philippines visa-free, please check with the Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs for the visa requirements from your country of origin for the visa requirements from your country of origin. Attach your old passport, if any, to show your past travel(s) abroad.

For more information about travelling requirements to the Philippines, visit: List of Philippine embassies and consulates abroad

Have the following handy just in case:

  • Award or invitation letter from IRRI
  • Certificate of employment – particularly if this is your first travel abroad
  • Return air ticket

Health information for travellers

General recommendations for travelers to the Philippines

  • Complete the routine immunization program required by the countries.
  • Ensure that vaccinations that require updating are kept up to date, e.g. tetanus, polio, etc.

For more information on recommended vaccinations for travellers to the Philippines, visit: Recommended Vaccinations: Routine Immunizations


How do I make an appointment with an IRRI scientist or a subject matter expert?

Our scientists and experts try their best to immediately provide the latest information on rice research to all of our stakeholders. However, they are not always available to accommodate general inquiries. If you have made arrangements with some of our experts in the past, we encourage you to contact them directly, otherwise, please email us at and we will direct your inquiry to the appropriate scientist.

How long do I need to wait for a response?

We will acknowledge and respond to all inquiries in 24 hours.

Who should I contact to connect to an IRRI laboratory?

IRRI has several service labs which cater to different needs and requirements. Please contact for assistance in finding the right laboratory for your specific needs. If you want to know about the IRRI Services Laboratories, please click here.

I want to request for rice seeds. What should I do?

We have a small amount of seed samples available to those who request for them for research purposes but you must know the specific variety that you need. Please note that we only give SAMPLE rice seeds. For the procedure in obtaining seeds, please visit /rice-seeds/. For COMMERCIAL USE, please refer to your national or local agriculture office or research institute.

I have a practical inquiry which I need IRRI’s inputs on (e.g. problems in the field, research/thesis, partnership opportunities, data, etc.). How can I obtain information relevant to these?

Visit for information and updates on current IRRI research. Or click here for IRRI knowledge tools that may address your specific inquiries. IRRI also offers an extensive range of solutions to empower all rice value chain actors.