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Guoyou Ye

Guoyou Ye

Senior Scientist II - Rice Breeding Innovations


Guoyou Ye is a plant geneticist and breeder with a solid experience in designing conventional and molecular breeding strategy, quantitative genetic analysis, and developing analytical tools for agricultural researchers, geneticists, and breeders.

Currently, his work focuses on germplasm enhancement with the majority of research activities being undertaken in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences-International Rice Research Institute (CAAS-IRRI) Joint Laboratory for Genomics Assisted Germplasm Enhancement in the Agricultural Genomics Institute in Shenzhen, China.

Guoyou Ye joined IRRI in 2009 as a Senior Scientist I in the then Plant Breeding, Genetics, and Biochemistry Division of Institute. In 2016, he became a Senior Scientist II and IRRI’s Country Representative for China and in 2020, Laboratory Manager of the CAAS-IRRI Joint Laboratory For Genomics Assisted Germplasm Enhancement. Prior to joining IRRI, Guoyou Ye was a Senior Research Scientist at the Biosciences Research Division of the Department of Primary Industries in Melbourne, Australia and a Research Fellow in the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.

He obtained his PhD from Lincoln University, New Zealand and his MSc and BSc degrees from Beijing Forestry University, China.