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Crop Manager

A web-based platform for field-specific information on crop and nutrient management to increase yields and income of rice farmers


The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and its partners developed site-specific nutrient management (SSNM) principles to identify the best nutrient management practices for specific rice fields. Consideration of the timing, quantities, and types of fertilizers are some of the key components of these findings. RCM recommendations are provided to farmers through a one-page print-out and a short messaging service (SMS) to improve and guide crop management. It enables extension workers to use a computer or smartphone to provide farmers with crop management recommendations matching their field conditions.


Rice in Asia is typically produced in small landholdings and farming practices vary among farmers and fields. Field-specific crop and nutrient recommendation are needed to optimize yields and profit. 

How does it work?


Since RCM was launched in 2013, farmers across the country have benefited from the recommendations provided for their specific fields.

Use of RCM recommendations provided an average yield increase of 0.4 tons (400 kg) per crop per hectare equivalent to about USD100/ha/cropping season added net benefit in the Philippines and an average of 0.5 tons (500kg) per crop per hectare equivalent to about USD150/ha/cropping season in India.

Next Steps

IRRI continues to adapt and grow the RCM platform to new geographies and audiences. Scale, sustainability, impact, and partnerships are critical to the long-term growth and vision for RCM. To learn more about other country implementations or to partner with us, please email: Rowena Castillo (

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