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IRRI and partners transforming sustainable food systems landscape : EAT-Lancet Commission report launched in Indiahe EAT-Lancet Commission's report 'Food. Planet. Health', a groundbreaking study on nutrition, health, and the food system , was formally released for India on 4 April at headquarters of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
Philippine Department of Agriculture strengthens support for the nationwide deployment of Rice Crop ManagerDigitally enabled agricultural advisory services supported by decades of strong science-based evidence can help accelerate agricultural development
Strengthening research-to-farm extension channels to improve farmers’ productivity and profitabilityA mix of different channels and modes works best in bringing developmental change in the farming communities’ practices as it involves a change in their behavior
Unlocking the agriculture potential of Myanmar’s central plainsSupporting the country’s aim to increase crop yields and cropping intensity in the central plains, contributing to economic development and food security
New gene metrics eliminate hit-or-miss in emerging rice breeding technologiesA proposed standard for determining the reliability of genetic markers makes modern integrated breeding approaches more consistent in designing better rice varieties


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We work with key actors from these regions through our in-country offices to develop actionable research analyses and recommendations on country-specific agricultural initiatives.

Beyond these areas, we also work with other country partners through our global research programs and networks. 

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