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Former IRRI Director General M.S. Swaminthan passes away in India
ASEAN-CGIAR Regional Program receives additional A$ 1 Million Australia funding
Register for the 6th International Rice Congress (IRC2023)
2022 Annual Report - Transforming Food Systems in Africa and Asia
IRRI scientist honored with Borlaug Field Award for her work on farmer engagement and empowerment
Countdown to IRC 2023 begins
IRRI receives Google support to apply AI for climate resilient rice development

IRRI is seeking a new Director General who will be based in Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines. The IRRI Director General will also assume the role of CGIAR's Regional Director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific, and will be a valued member of CGIAR's Senior Leadership Team. They will play a significant role in a shared transformation journey and will contribute to ensuring a coherent and innovative approach to CGIAR's critical work and engagement in the Southeast Asian Pacific regions.


  • Two Degree Initiative for Food and Agriculture

    The ‘Two Degree Initiative’ (2DI) is a coalition of hundreds of like-minded partner organizations from around the world. They are brought together with a single unifying vision – to transform the global food system for a climate-smart future.
    A recording of the CCAFS-WRI webinar on the Two Degree Initiative (2DI), where IRRI plays a lead role, will be streamed on 25 January at the Climate Adaptation Summit.

  • CGIAR Research Pays Off: New Report Finds 10 Times Return on Investment

    Investments in CGIAR research generate returns of 10 times the amount invested, a new report has found. The report, commissioned by the Supporters of Agricultural Research (SoAR) Foundation, found a 10 to 1 benefit-cost ratio on CGIAR investments of $60 billion in present value terms over almost five decades.

International Rice Congress 2023




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We are addressing five impact challenges faced by farmers, consumers, and stakeholders, in the world’s rice-producing countries.

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We work with key actors from these regions through our in-country offices to develop actionable research analyses and recommendations on country-specific agricultural initiatives.

Beyond these areas, we also work with other country partners through our global research programs and networks. 

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