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IRRI for farmers

In support of the global rice sector’s growth, IRRI and its partners establish systems and support existing ones that facilitate large-scale adoption of rice technologies across major rice-producing areas.

Our networks and partnerships across the public sector, civil society, and the private sector connect us with large numbers of farmers to support large-scale testing, adaptation, and adoption of new rice technologies and knowledge. This “last-mile delivery” varies in form and scale locally, regionally, and nationally and is inclusive of the intended end-users of innovation; particularly poorer households and women.

We help our partners and other international centers in building better in-house capacity, using tools such as innovative communication technologies. We also support learning alliances among our networks that help us understand the implications of approaches learned in one region to others to improve their success rate. These alliances have a catalytic effect amongst partners stimulating them to do other work and directly benefiting farmers.

Requesting Seeds

IRRI provides small quantities of rice free of charge on demand to any individual or organization anywhere in the world for the purposes of research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture.

IRRI Rice Crop Manager

An easy-to-use web app that offers recommendations on what type, how much, and when to apply fertilizer for nutrient-efficient optimum yields. 


A webpage that helps rice farmers identify types of weeds and provides tips on effective weed management. 


A webpage and smartphone app that helps farmers diagnose problems with their rice crop and give actionable advise. Available in English and Tagalog. 

Rice Knowledge Bank

A website that provides practicable knowledge solutions tailored to small-scale rice farmers in developing countries.


An online encyclopedia on rice with extensive information about the various aspects of rice.

Rice Almanac

A comprehensive source book on rice and rice production all over the world. Available on pdf and on Kindle.