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IRRI for researchers

IRRI’s crop and environment research develops better management options for rice farmers to make rice farming more productive, eco-friendly, and resilient to climatic extremes and other challenges.

We study rodents and other pests, diseases, and weeds as well as soil, nutrient, and water management. We investigate practical and affordable mechanization options and management practices to ensure diversified rice cropping systems—where rice is grown in rotation with other crops—are sustainable. We design cropping systems adapted to climate change and find ways to reduce emissions. We develop new and adapted management strategies needed to accompany the introduction of new rice varieties better able to cope with drought, submergence, and salinity.

Our research will lead to the development of more ecologically sound management principles and resource-conserving technologies that support the further intensification and diversification of rice systems, particularly in Asia.

IRRI Education

IRRI expands expertise and builds capacity for scientists and researchers with a curated selection of short courses and customizable education modules.

Requesting Seeds

IRRI provides small quantities of rice free of charge on demand to any individual or organization anywhere in the world for the purposes of research, breeding, or training for food and agriculture.

Rice Knowledge Bank

A website that provides practical knowledge solutions tailored to small-scale rice farmers in developing countries.

Rice Knowledge Bank Videos

Instructional and educational playlists on rice research and production available on IRRI's Youtube page.  


An online encyclopedia on rice with extensive information about the various aspects of rice.

Rice Almanac

A comprehensive source book on rice and rice production all over the world. Available on pdf and on Kindle.