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Building resilience of rice-based systems in marginal environments

Develop and promote adoption of technologies to build climate resilience and sustainability of rice-based systems in marginal environments to increase productivity, food and nutritional security and farmers’ income.



  • Utilize genetic resources and modern technologies to develop better climate resilient varieties
  • Develop production system technologies and knowledge for rice based agri systems in marginal environments
  • Increase adoption of climate-resilient rice varieties and production technologies through efficient seed systems and dissemination strategies in collaboration with partners’ institutes
  • Work with other CG institutes, CG platforms, advanced institutions and nations to translate global research benefit for rice- based agri food system community



    Process modules

    • INGER - MERIT (Germplasm Evaluation)
    • Quantitative Genetics & Biometrics
    • Hybrid Breeding (ASEAN Heterosis Development)

      Outcome modules

      • Biotic Monitoring & Resistance (Disease & Pests)
      • Abiotic adaptation  (Stress Tolerance)
      • Healthier Rice




      Building a competitive, nutritious, safe and prosperous rice-based agri-food sector for all.