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SeedCast A digital innovation to strengthen seed demand and supply information for rice


The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), together with the Odisha Department of Agriculture and the Odisha State Seed Corporation (OSSC), is connecting global innovative solutions to local needs through SeedCast, a mobile application and web-based Management Information System (MIS) portal for seed demand estimation and varietal information. SeedCast will help streamline the demand and supply of seeds for different varieties of rice


Speed varietal replacement is a key challenge in seed systems; new varieties are not able to penetrate new markets and target audiences. IRRI recognized these issues but struggled with identifying a solution. Years of experience and understanding these issues led to the creation of SeedCast, which aims to provide linkages and coordination between supply and demand side stakeholders.

How does it work?

It is an ICT-based seed demand estimation mobile application and web portal. In its introductory stage, the application focuses on only rice varieties of Odisha, India, including many newly released stress-tolerant rice varieties that have been evaluated in the state.

Using the app, the dealers will be able to indicate the demand for different varieties of rice seeds. This information is made available to seed corporations, state and district agriculture department authorities. It will help them produce the preferred seeds in the required quantities. This can reduce the gaps between supply and demand of rice seed varieties. This will also encourage the replacement of older, lesser-yielding varieties of rice with new, higher-yielding varieties. Farmers using the app will have access to information on which seeds are available from which dealers, so they can access these for purchase and cultivation according to their needs and environmental conditions. Farmers can also use the application features to take decisions on varietal selection based on their land type and preferences.

Next Steps:

• Odisha implementation: IRRI is currently implementing SeedCast in Odisha and will monitor how public seed corporations would respond to it when it comes to the actual use. Iterations of the application are expected as it is rolled out.

• Linkages for seed systems in other geographies: A tool like SeedCast is very relevant to seed systems in multiple countries as a very relevant and useful tool. There is a great deal of scope to strengthen this work with other stakeholders at the national level.

• Google Play Store: The app will be available in Google Play Store and is expected to have an upgraded version in the future, catering to rice as well as other crops.

• User Feedback and Updates: The user feedback generated during the pilot will inform refinement for large scale deployment in the coming seasons and expanding the features further.

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