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IRRI and Corteva AgriScienceTM enter into a partnership which will benefit rice farmers with more innovation

The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has entered into a multi-year Framework Agreement with the heritage companies of Corteva AgriScienceTM, (Dow AgroSciences, DuPont and Pioneer), to conduct collaborative research and development (R&D), and to improve dissemination of IRRI’s innovations.

Corteva AgriScienceTM, the Agriculture Division of DowDuPont, is a science-based company active in research, development, production, marketing of seeds, traits, agricultural biotechnologies, crop protection, and digital agricultural solutions globally.

Under the Framework Agreement, the heritage companies comprising Corteva AgriScienceTM will sponsor R&D at IRRI; continue to be a member on IRRI Consortia - Hybrid Rice Development Consortium (HRDC), Direct Seeded Rice Consortium (DSRC) and International Rice Informatics Consortium (IRIC); provide access to their proprietary technologies; and assist in developing joint programs for IRRI’s research initiatives to leverage support from third parties and donors. These activities will accelerate IRRI’s R&D efforts, and enhance IRRI’s capacity to develop advanced rice varieties as well as improved agronomic practices. As a non-profit international organization, IRRI promotes responsible technology transfer in accordance with its Intellectual Property and Commercialization Policy (IP&C Policy)[1] and with the CGIAR Principles on the Management of Intellectual Assets (CGIAR IA Principles).[2] The Framework Agreement may give rise to Limited Exclusivity, Agreements Restricted Use Agreements and IP Applications for the purpose of maximizing global access and impact, as defined in the CGIAR IA Principles, in which case such arrangements will be structured, managed and publicly disclosed in accordance with the aforementioned policies.