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IRRI Launches RCM Project Microsite: A Comprehensive Hub for Indonesian Rice Farmers

(BOGOR, Indonesia) 17 August 2023 - The unveiling of the RCM project microsite marks a pivotal step in providing comprehensive insights into the RCM Indonesia project which is fully funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs of the Government of South Korea.

This project microsite stands as a comprehensive repository of information about the ongoing project such as project briefs, relevant studies, training materials, and documentation. Through this microsite, the latest version of Layanan Konsultasi Padi (LKP) is set to be integrated and made accessible for nationwide use through This link is also accessible through the IRRI website under the Indonesia page (

Dr. Sheetal Sharma, the RCM project lead, is thrilled to share with everyone about this project microsite, “IRRI is dedicated to improving the decision-making abilities of Indonesian rice farmers through the RCM Indonesia project. The launch of the microsite marks an important achievement for the project, as we strive to keep our stakeholders informed about the progress being made. The microsite will provide regular updates on the project's developments.”

At its heart, this three-year project seeks to elevate the incomes and yields of Indonesian rice farmers. Aligned seamlessly with the Indonesian government's aspiration for rural prosperity, food security, and environmental sustainability, the project tackles contemporary challenges posed by the pandemic and climate change. Facilitated by the development and widespread dissemination of LKP, IRRI and its key partners: BSIP, Bappenas, and Viamo, strive to catalyze positive transformations in the livelihoods of Indonesia’s rice farming communities.