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Market Intelligence Initiative introduce GloMIP at ICTforAg 2024

Jhoanne Ynion, Neale Marvin Paguirigan, Dehner De Leon, Matty Demont

Los Baños, Philippines -- As response to the growing challenge of future-proofing the agriculture sector with innovative solutions, scientists and researchers from the CGIAR Initiative on Market Intelligence and IRRI presented the Global Market Intelligence Platform (GloMIP) at the ICTforAG conference held last May 29, 2024.

GloMIP Product Lead Matty Demont presents GloMIP at ICTforAG 2024.

GloMIP is here to maximise market intelligence to support R&D investment decisions across all levels. As a digital innovation, GloMIP’s data-driven approach makes it an essential tool for stakeholders who are committed to driving positive change in agriculture,” shares information systems expert and GloMIP product manager Neale Paguirigan on how GloMIP aligns with the ICTforAG’s objective to leverage technologies as catalysts for transformation in the sector.

GloMIP is an innovative platform designed for crowd-sourcing, analysing, and sharing market intelligence on agriculture. With its interactive dashboard that boasts of features including tools such as the Impact Opportunities portal that provides analysis and data visualisation on impact opportunities for 45 crops (21 CGIAR mandated crops and 25 non-CGIAR crops) across five impact areas and 171 countries, GloMIP provides a platform for various stakeholders such as donors and R&D investors to generate insights that can guide their impact decisions and priorities.

Conference attendees participate during the hands-on demonstration for GloMIP at ICTforAG 2024.

Attended by 230 participants composed of academics, digital innovators, policy decision makers, and technology users, the hybrid breakout session featuring GloMIP was one of the  most-attended activities during the conference. With key discussions on strategies related to addressing gaps and unlocking opportunities in agriculture through data-driven decisions, the session positions GloMIP as one of the innovations to watch out for in leading impactful, inclusive, and sustainable ICTforAG solutions today.

The presentation is only one of the mapped activities by the initiative to unveil GloMIP to a wider range of stakeholders including project leaders, scientists, and breeders within CGIAR. Following the event, GloMIP is set to be officially launched on June 7 and will be exhibited as part of IRRI’s exhibition for CGIAR Science Week in Nairobi, Kenya on July 1-5.  To know more about these events,visit  or reach out to