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Request for Proposals to serve as event organizer for the International Rice Congress 2023 (IRC2023)

The International Rice Congress (IRC) is the world’s largest gathering of rice scientists, researchers, and rice industry experts and players. From all over the world, rice scientists come to share their results, rice industry experts share their intelligence on market developments, and rice market players along the value chain learn about market trends, drivers, technologies and other relevant developments that affect the rice industry in the short or long term. 

The first IRC was held in Beijing, China, in September 2002. Succeeding IRCs were held in New Delhi, India (October 2006); Hanoi, Vietnam (November 2010); Bangkok, Thailand (October-November 2014); and in Singapore (October 2018).

The next IRC is expected to be held between June to September 2023 in Manila, Philippines. This request for proposals (RFP) is thus issued to all who may be interested in organizing IRC2023. Details of this opportunity are provided below:


The 6th International Rice Congress (IRC2023) is the biggest gathering of thought leaders, scientists, policymakers, agriculture experts, and technology providers from the world of rice research and industry. It is organized by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) with the help of its partners in the public and private sectors.

The IRC provides a venue for all players in the rice industry to meet, share, and learn about the latest game-changing innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and crucial policies shaping the future of the globe's most important staple crop.  

Historically, the International Rice Congress (IRC) consisted of three components:

  • The International Rice Research Conference (IRRC) – the biggest component and often confused with the IRC itself
  • A Ministerial gathering or roundtable – a component that has gradually diminished and replaced by a meeting of CORRA (Council for Partnership on Rice Research in Asia)
  • Exhibition 

The IRC2023 may have different or additional components depending on decisions made by the Program Committee. 

IRC2023 is expected to attract around 1500-2000 local and international participants ranging from scientists to professionals from the private agri-food industry, NGOs, governmental sectors, and senior policy makers (VIPs). Also, substantial attention from various media is expected (i.e. journalists).

IRC2023 will be a four-day event (expected to be held in June or end of August/beginning of September 2023) that includes an opening ceremony, plenary sessions with keynote speakers and/or high-level panel debates, break-out sessions, and a closing ceremony.

Scope of Work

IRRI is looking for an event organizer that will manage the organization of the IRC2023.  The event organizer will support the IRRI IRC Organizing Body and will work closely with the IRRI Communications and Advocacy Team to implement planned activities.


  1. Develop pre-registration/registration procedures/ systems & manage online and on-site registration of guests, participants, exhibitors and speakers including registration fee collection. Essentially to provide & manage a seamless online system for registration, housing and payment.

  2. Develop and manage the abstract submission process. This includes but is not limited to organizing the submission system and preparing submissions for review and approval by the Program Committee; handling logistical arrangements of poster and/ or oral presentations (eg room assignments, poster boards); and consolidating approved abstracts to facilitate production of abstract book- online and/ or hard copy.

  3. Support sponsorship administration.

  4. Co- manage the exhibit space with the selected Exhibitions company (*Exhibitions company partner to be selected by IRRI.). 

  5. With direction and inputs from the IRRI Organizing Body, select and contract a venue space and caterer for the congress, and potential hotel partner/s for participants.

  6. Manage pre-event and event day venue/ on-site administrative and logistical requirements including on-site registration, room assignments for each activity, signage installation, stage & audio-visual set-up and other technical set-ups.

  7. Liaise with selected congress venue and caterer for all required congress related matters 

  8. Liaise with partner hotel/s on guest bookings and arrangements. 

  9. Taking direction from the IRRI Communications and Advocacy Team, create, design and develop conference brand identity and other conference branding & promotional materials; including but not limited to pre- and post-conference promotional videos, sponsorship kits, program book, souvenirs, badges, etc.  Note that the use of all IRRI & IRC-related trademarks, trade names, and copyrighted materials by the Vendor shall accrue to the sole benefit of IRRI/IRC. The vendor shall do nothing to tarnish the name, reputation, and trademarks of IRRI/IRC.

  10. Execute planned key social events within the conference such as the opening ceremony and the congress dinner as organized by IRRI.

  11. Develop, manage and maintain online delegate-boosting tools and activities such as a  website, an app and social media campaign.

  12. Plan, prepare and set-up all audio-visual equipment needs (i.e. laptop, projectors, sound system, etc) 

  13. Recommend a good event insurance provider and liaise with the identified vendor once the IRC Organizing Body approves the recommendation.

  14. Plan, prepare, and manage logistical needs including hiring of temporary staff (i.e. photographer)

  15. Manage post-event follow ups, administrative and logistical requirements including removing all fixtures and materials from the event/ congress venue and returning rented items’ processing all payments to contracted suppliers and vendors by designated deadlines; updating the event website with the appropriate messages and material, and producing post-event report & video.

  16. IRC2023 is being designed as a hybrid conference due to the uncertainty about the options to travel to the physical conference venue. Thus, the vendor needs to provide options for remote participation, including the following:

    1. the option to attend sessions using a live video stream and ask questions through online Q&A
    2. the option to view recorded sessions, without interaction
    3. the option to use (parts of) the recordings in subsequent IRRI knowledge products (e.g. training courses)

Elements of the IRC2023 proposal

Proposals are invited providing the elements listed hereunder:

  1. Propose a specific venue for IRC2023, indicating the following:

    1. Capacity to host up to 2,000 delegates in plenary, with consideration to recommended health and safety protocols, and including projection and sound equipment;
    2. Up to 8 break-out rooms, with rooms ranging in capacity from 75 to 200 delegates;
    3. On-site or nearby (walking distance) exhibition space, capable of accommodating displays of large farm equipment and machinery;
    4. Excellent international accessibility
    5. On-site cafeteria services for all delegates;
    6. On-site restaurants for better dining options for parallel meetings;
    7. On-site or nearby hotels and lodging, with options from 2-star up to 4- or 5-star accommodation for up to 2,000 delegates and support staff; if not on-site then hotels and lodging should be conveniently accessible by walking, public transport, or through dedicated transfer arrangements;
    8. On-site secretariat facilities and offices; and
    9. High-speed wifi/internet signal throughout the facility, with international two way access.
  2. Proposals must include an estimated cost for the event, including the event organizer’s fees, catering, venue costs, as well as suggested  timeline of payments.

  3. Proposals must include details on the structure, experience, and capacity of the organizer, as well as a list of references, must also be provided.

How to submit a proposal

Proposals should be received by IRRI on or before 30 June 2022.

Proposals should be sent to

Hard copy may be sent by courier to:  IRRI Headquarters, Pili Drive, Los Baños, Philippines