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Technology Transfer

As one of the world’s premier research organizations, IRRI has been leading the way in innovation that can catalyze positive change and transform our world for the better. IRRI Tech Transfer advances the institute’s vision by providing products and services and entering into public-private partnerships with companies and organizations that align with IRRI’s objectives.

To learn more about IRRI Tech Transfer, please contact ITT Head Remy Bitoun.

Products and Services Public-private partnerships for accelerating impact

  • IP Licensing (Genetics)

    Through its rice breeding programs, IRRI has generated an extensive portfolio of new rice cultivars with desirable characteristics. Non-exclusive access is given to private sector agencies under agreements to advance research and provide impact acceleration for rice farmers.

  • IP Licensing (Technologies)

    As part of our work in enhancing rice production, IRRI has developed a variety of innovative technology solutions used throughout the rice value chain, which can be made available for collaboration with the private sector.

  • Sponsored Research

    Benefit from IRRI’s extensive expertise and capacity in rice science to collaborate on specific research and development vectors aligned with your business goals.

  • R&D Consortia Membership

    IRRI leads and organizes multi-sectoral partnerships that share ideas and expertise towards advancing research and developing new technologies and innovations for the global rice sector.

  • Training and Capacity Building

    Augment your key people with critical skills and knowledge through IRRI Education or with customized modules designed for your area of interest.

  • Product Testing and Analysis

    Determine the viability of your rice-related products with our testing and analysis services, backed by expert know-how, rigorous methodologies, and advanced technology.

  • Consultancy and Advisory Services

    Amplify your organization’s capabilities with the expertise and guidance of our specialists in the fields of rice research, biotechnology, climate science, and agricultural systems.

  • Solutions for Smallholders

    IRRI welcomes collaborations with governments, NGOs, and the private sector for scalable solutions and innovations that will benefit small rice farmers and their communities.

IRRI Technology Transfer in Action

Our impact-driven partnerships tackle real-world problems. 
Here’s what some of our active partners have to say


IRRI Technology Transfer draws on the intellectual assets developed by or available to IRRI, with the primary purpose of expanding the reach and accelerating the impact of our research and technologies. IRRI Technology Transfer performs its duties with integrity, remaining fully compliant with all relevant international policies and guidelines.

IRRI Tech Transfer Team

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