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Services for Private Sector

IRRI Tech Transfer facilitates the development of service provisions for private companes who wish to utilize IRRI expertise and techologies for their research and development.


Grain Quality and Product Development

Service for partners that wish to characterize, understand and improve their existing germplasm in terms of Grain Quality attributes, leading to improved rice grain quality. 

  • Provides a wide selection of grain quality analytical services for pre-breeding lines and hybrids.
  • Analysis of germplasm with advanced genetic markers for grain quality.
  • Opportunity for collaboration on development of rice-based products for the retail sector.
  • Details can be provided under NDA.


QTL Deployment

Efficient and precise introduction of non-GM traits into a breeding program.

  • Recombinant selection on both sides of the target trait, producing high quality introgressions with reduced risk of linkage drag and minimal disruption
  • Coupling-phase linkages with surrounding genes, and pyramids with genes of similar effect. These coupled linkages and pyramids improve the stability of expression.
  • Current offerings and details provided upon request.