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Private Sector Partnerships

IRRI Tech Transfer facilitates bilateral partnerships between the institute and private sector companies that want to leverage IRRI IP and innovations for scaling up and commercial purposes. 


Irrigated Breeding Program - Genomic Selection Based Estimation Sets

Bilateral partnership for fast track breeding of elite inbreds based on genomic selection.

  • Access to elite material and expertise, and opportunity for training and consultancy.
  • Access to estimation sets every year, comprising more than 300 lines.
  • Sets of the lines selected based on advanced genomic selection tools from IRRI’s irrigated core germplasm every year.
  • Germplasm is potentially useful for both hybrid and varietal rice programs.
  • More details can be provided based on the interest of the potential partner.


Healthier Rice Program

Opportunity for private sector partners to collaborate with IRRI on its biofortified rice program.

  • IRRI developed iron and zinc enriched rice lines through conventional and advanced breeding approaches. These traits are present in commercial inbred lines.
  • Low-glycaemic index rice lines with acceptable textural preference were identified from IRRI germplasm analysis, and these traits are available for introgression into any other amenable lines depending upon consumer preferences.


Digital Technology Solutions for Rice Research and Production

IRRI has developed various digital tools, databases, and technology solutions for rice researchers, agro-suppliers, and farmers which are available for bilateral collaboration on a non-exclusive basis.

  • Technologies include Rice Crop Manager (RCM) for site-specific nutrient management; AutoMon for sustainable water management; EasyHarvest for smart linkages between farmers and combine harvester service providers; ORYZA, a crop modelling tool under prevailing agronomic practices; CommCare for collecting agronomic and socioeconomic data; RiceDoctor, a diagnostic tool for pest, disease, and abiotic stress management; SeedCast for streamlining the demand and supply of rice varieties; and Rice Knowledge Bank (RKB) which provides data on rice crop production and management.
  • Visit for more tools and information. Details about each technology can be provided upon request.


Consulting and technical partnership for companies wishing to develop their rice-related activity

As a technical partner, IRRI collaborates with private companies already active in the rice sector or planning to diversify in the rice sector  

  • Based on the needs of the company, IRRI offers technical support and capacity development: access to elite germplasm, development of an in-house rice breeding capacity, training in agronomy best practices, advanced breeding, genomic selection etc 
  • For companies developing new products and services relevant to the rice value chain, IRRI offers a unique platform for delivering a credible, science-based, proof of concept (POC), allowing fast track market introduction for the benefit of the rice value chain


Structural Partnerships

Bilateral multi-year sponsored research partnerships

  • A bilateral R&D partnership focused on partners needs, for the development of new products and services based on IRRI’s expertise, state-of-the-art technology platform, and existing intellectual property 
  • The R&D projects are jointly defined and customized to suit partners’ requirements. They are jointly managed
  • Partners are granted early access to Deliverables and limited exclusivity for commercial licenses, as per mutually accepted terms and conditions