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Abhinandan S. Patil

Abhinandan S. Patil

Post-Doctoral Fellow - Plant Breeding


Abhinandan S. Patil is a Plant Breeder and Geneticist currently working on rice biofortification (Zn and Fe), healthier rice, traits genetics, agronomical evaluations, and marker-assisted golden rice (GR2E) introgressions in six popular rice varieties of the Philippines.

Previously, he worked as a researcher in the Plant Genomics and Breeding Institute, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University, South Korea. He also did two post-doctoral fellowships in the Agricultural Research Organization-Volcani Center, State of Israel / Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Israel. His research work focuses on improving plant-based crops like rice, capsicum, and peanut for yield and component traits via field, molecular, and transgenic plant breeding.

Abhinandan holds a BSc in Agriculture from Mahatma Phule Agricultural University, MSc Agriculture from Anand Agricultural University, and PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding from Junagadh Agricultural University in India.