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Integrative Research Support

Research Platform

Integrative Research Support

The Integrative Research Support platform plays a pivotal role in the provision of research support to IRRI HQ and across the global IRRI. The platform is involved in acquisition, transmission, and continuity of research data coming from research fields, laboratories, screenhouses, greenhouses, and other research locations and facilities to scientists and research teams. We ensure excellence in data integrity and quality while optimising data value towards becoming the best-in-class integrated research support system.

Research Services

IRRI Service Laboratories

ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories that provide solutions to the testing and instrument support services needs of the research and agricultural industry, delivering over 70 test parameters for rice grain, plant, soil, and water matrices.

  • Grain Quality and Nutrition Services Laboratory - provides analytical testing, grain quality evaluation and lab instrument support services to IRRI research groups, collaborators and external customers in the research and agricultural sector.
  • Genotyping Services Laboratory - offers sampling, DNA extraction, and genotyping services in-house, coordinates outsourced genotyping services, and new added value services and new markers based on the evolving needs of the global rice research community.
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Grain Quality and Nutrition Services Laboratory
Genotyping Services Laboratory


Research and Regulatory Compliance

Provides international standard support for germplasm exchange, stewardship, research infrastructure, and laboratory safety services to ensure regulatory compliance  of research operations. 

  • Seed Health Unit
  • Stewardship and Quality Management
  • Research Infrastructure Operations
  • Research Safety
RRC office


Zeigler Experiment Station

Also known as the IRRI farm. Provides research support in field plots, greenhouse spaces, and growth facilities for experiments and breeding trials, and ensures the delivery of services for land preparation, field and grounds maintenance, crop protection, harvest/postharvest operations, and seasonal farm activities. Contributes to the training and educational programs of the Institute.

ZES office


Cross-Cutting Operations

Provides multidisciplinary personnel for a wide range of services in various research activities across IRRI. Research support services include hybridization, trait introgression, rapid generation advancement, screening for diseases and insect-pests tolerance, seed production and yield testing, seed warehousing, and internal manpower resource.

CCO office


Software Development, Data Management, and Statistical Services

Develops, tests, and releases software applications that translate science into ICT (Information and Communications Technology), as well as support the standardization, capture, storage, and curation of data in centralized and accessible IRRI databases.

SDDMSS office