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Integrative Research Support

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Integrative Research Support

Integrative Research Support will play a pivotal role in the acquisition, transmission, and continuity of research data coming from farmers fields, research fields, laboratories, screenhouses, greenhouses, and other research locations and facilities to scientists and research teams, ensuring excellence in data integrity and quality, and optimising data value.

Key research areas

Zeigler Experiment Station 

Technologically advanced experiment farm where rice varieties are developed and tested.  

IRRI Service Laboratories 

Series of offices where various laboratory facilities and services are offered.  

Cross-Cutting Operations 

Multidisciplinary personnel that provides services for various research operations across IRRI.

Regulatory and Compliance 

Quality control and regulatory systems for many of IRRI facilities and operations.

Software development, data management, and biometrics services 

The Information and Knowledge Services develop and maintain IRRI network facilities, databases, and various data systems.