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Rice Breeding

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Rice Breeding

The Rice Breeding Platform will innovate, develop, and apply modern breeding strategies, tools and technologies to increase rice yield, climate resilience, and enable access to modern breeding technologies for world’s rice varietal development programs through knowledge sharing and capacity development.


Key Research Areas

Breeding for marginal environments

Developing rice varieties resilient and adaptive to biotic and abiotic stresses for non-ideal rice growing areas.  

Breeding for favorable environments

Optimizing rice varieties and cropping systems for intensive rice-growing areas.

Quantitative genetics

Studying rice measurable phenotypes that depend on the cumulative actions of many genes and the environment.

Seed and delivery systems, and germplasm  evaluation

Continuous improvement of systems for evaluation and delivery of rice seeds of new varieties to farmers.

Host plant resistance

Discovering and applying the resistance of rice plants to various environmental stresses.