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Sustainable Impact through Rice-based Systems

Research Platform

Sustainable Impact

The Sustainable Impact Platform drives IRRI’s strategic vision by identifying strategic research to meet current and future needs and opportunities. The Platform identifies strategic research to meet current and future needs and opportunities, fosters multi- and inter-disciplinary research amongst IRRI scientists and partners, and maps out plausible impact pathways leading to outcomes and impact.


Key research areas

Mechanization and post-harvest

Initiating sustainable mechanized and postharvest technologies and networks for key postharvest stakeholders.

Soil, climate, and water

Developing efficient and sustainable solutions for natural resources management that underpins sustainable rice-based systems.

Livelihoods, gender, and nutrition

Exploring approaches  to improve the lives of rice stakeholders, and building greater social and gender equity.

Knowledge tools

Developing accessible digital applications and decision-support tools to improve rice research, production, and agri-food systems.

Adaptive Agronomy and Pest Ecology

Developing solutions for better adaptation and management of rice production and crop systems at farm and landscape-levels.

Geospatial science and modeling

Harnessing technology to develop better monitoring and predictive systems in aid of rice agri-food systems.